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ADF Award - Portable space

ADF Aoyama Design Forum presents ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019Designers from all over the world are invited to contribute with their own ideas on “Portable Space”.

ADF Aoyama Design Forum is a non-profit organization estabilished in Japan in 2010 aiming to increase quality design culture and create a network of relations among international designers.

Looking towards Salone del Mobile 2019 (9th-14th April 2019), ADF promotes ADF Milano Salone Design Award and calls designers to reflect on “Portable spaces”. Winners will have the opportunity to realize and show their projects during the Salone.

Transportable furnitures, folding spaces, modular configurations, inflatable materials etc…; how, what and when can we imagine to carry spaces? ADF is looking for amazing and open ideas about the theme.

15th October – 14th December 2018: submission period
26th January 2019: winners will be informed
February 2019: winners will be publicly announced

Best Performance Award: 1,000,000 JPY
ADF will sponsor production and site installation costs up to 1,000,000 JPY
Extra prize: Winning work will be shown during Salone del Mobile 2019 
2 Outstanding Performances Award: 100,000 JPY     

Submission requirements
- Proposal must be applicant’s original work and must not have been previously made in any form.
- Projects must be capable of being produced.

Partecipants requirements
- Individual or group (1 project per group)
- No restrictions on nationality

Submission - texts must be written in english
- Design Theme (Concept of work, Name of work)
- Max 5 pages PDF, A3 horizontal.
- Floor plan, Elevations, Perspective images (or hand sketches)  *Indicate scale.
*High resolution 300dpi or higher, Total file size should not exceed 10MB, Font should be 11pt or bigger.
- Designer's CV

Materials must be submitted by mail to:

Silvia Botti, “ABITARE” Monthly Design Magazine Director
Marialisa Santi, Board member of Order of Architects of Milan 
Yukio Ishiyama, Aoyama Design Forum 

Judges will value:
- Innovation
- Originality
- Evolution
- Functionality
- Space create communication?

More info here