Fondazione dell’Ordine degli architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della provincia di Milano

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/Relazioni internazionali

The Order of Architects PPC of the province of Milanand his Foundationhave built different international relastionships offering Milanese architects new occasions to exchange work experience. The enlargement of relationships between public and private institutes, international studios of different dimensions and companies of the same sector, are also permitted the circulation of knowledge of the Milanese architectural holdings.

Educational field 
In 2013 the Foundation organised together with Promos – company for the international activities for Chamber of commerce of Milan– a series of meetings “Being an architect abroad” offering the opportunity to Milanese architectures to discover and understand the professional market abroad, thanks to the testimony of international business experience that has brought a direct testimony of local market segmentation. The countries focused on this are: Brasil, Mexico, Turkey, Emirates, Qatar, Canada, Singapore, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Cost, Russia. 

Cultural focus 
During the Salone del Mobile 2012 The Order and his Foundation have held an exhibition "Vivere alla Ponti: le case abitate da Gio Ponti. Esperimenti di vita domestica e architetture per l'abitare e il lavoro", created by Francesca Molteni e Franco Raggi. Apart from numerous italian cities the exhibition was also performed abroad, first in London at Sackler Centre of Victoria & Albert Musem, followed by Paris and finally by Italian Cultural Institute in New York City.

During the Le Mondial du Batiment 2017 trade show the Order participated with a conference dedicated to Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award for the best social housing projects. Whereas the sixth edition of the prize was presented a preview in Amsterdam, on the 14thJune 2017 during International Social Housing Festival.

Professional promotion 
The Best Graduates Prize 2018 thanks to the sponsor of Cultural association of Japan ADF-Aoyama Design Forum increases with the international opportunity for the authors of the best graduation thesis of the year 2017, trought an intership in Japan.
The Prize is established by The Order of Architects PPC of the province of Milan to put in contact the authors of the most worthy graduated thesis sustained by Milan Polytechnic with the cultural and professional market of design and architecture, the planning, the landscape and the conservation.
In 2015 has hosted the meeting “Prospective of internationalization of the European profession of architect. Tools, consideration, and experiences” with the president European Council of Architects.