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Architecture Film Award

Architecture Film Award starts!

The International Architecture Film Award (AFA) is a biennial award promoted by Milano Design Film Festival in partnership with the Order of Architects P.P.C of the Province of Milan and his Foundation.

The purpose of the Award is to encourage the production of cinematographic works on on the subjects of architecture and landscape, to encourage and motivate architects in the use of audiovisual language as a means of communication.  

The award is open to persons over 21 years of age of any nationality. The works must have been carried out during the 2016—2019 three-year period (finalized between January 2016 and 28th June 2019). The winners will be announced in October, during the four days of MDFF (24th—27th October 2019).  Projects are admitted until until 28th June 2019.

Marco Müller, president of the Jury, film producer and critic directs the Chair of “Cinema Styles and Techniques” at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, USI
Roberto Pisoni, Sky Arte HD director 
Davide Rapp, architect and film director
Marco Della Torre, architect and designer, coordinator of the Direction of the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio – USI
Francesco Clerici, film director

Architecture’s film: films (medium and full-length films) of stories of ancient, modern and contemporary architecture. Prize: 7,000.00 euros
Studio’s film: audiovisual projects commissioned by architectural firms to promote their project activities. Prize: 3,000.00 euros  

Italian award noticeEnglish award notice. Entry form here

Here the requirements to apply to the Architecture Film Award. 

If you would like to submit a film for the AFA click here.